Sample links for Use RPG to Mobilize your IBM i

File Name Description
The CGIDEV2 menu as delivered
1: CGIDEV2 menu CGIDEV2 menu, as delivered
2: CGIDEV2 menu jQM CGIDEV2 menu, jQuery Mobile version
The original CGIDEV2 form
3: CGIDEV2 form CGIDEV2 form, as delivered
4: TALK15.htm TALK15.htm (source code)
CGIDEV2 form, Pass 1: jQM - minimal modifications
5: CGIDEV2 form Pass 1 CGIDEV2 form, pass 1, minimal jQM
6: TALK1501.htm TALK1501.htm (source code)
CGIDEV2 form, Pass 2: add <div class="ui-field-contain">
7: CGIDEV2 form Pass 2 CGIDEV2 form, pass 2
The labels are now to the left of the form element when there is enough room
8: TALK1502.htm TALK1502.htm (source code)
CGIDEV2 form, Pass 3: add range, flipswitch, side-by-side buttons
9: CGIDEV2 form Pass 3 CGIDEV2 form, pass 3
Change "Years lived there" to slider
Change "Ordered from us" to flipswitch
Change buttons to side-by-side
10: TALK1503.htm TALK1503.htm (source code)
CGIDEV2 form, Pass 4: add push buttons, list of checkboxes
11: CGIDEV2 form Pass 4 CGIDEV2 form, pass 4
Change "Received Catalog" to push buttons
Change "Operating Systems" to list of checkboxes
12: TALK1505a.htm TALK1505a.htm (source code)
Usr RPG to Mobilize your IBM i Presentation, .pptx (PowerPoint)